It Adds Up to ‘Tyrant’

I don’t want to spend a lot of time on this today, but I do think I need to spend some. A bit more evidence has trickled in since Thursday, despite a near-total nooze media blackout. They can always count on the noozies to carry their water.

All I want to do today is add up four events, in sequence.

March: German police raid anyone who expresses “hate”… for politicians! (In our country it would be “hate” directed at Democrats. Only.) [See March 24 post, “German Cops Will Smash Anyone Who ‘Hates’ Politicians”.]

August: FBI raids President Donald Trump’s home. What were the guns for? Nobody home but Secret Service guards. Was the FBI expecting a shootout?

September: Phony “President” Biden gives an eerie speech denouncing Trump voters and supporters as “semi-fascists” and “a threat to our democracy.” It sounds like a declaration of war. It’s beginning to look like he meant it literally.

This Past Week: At least 35, and maybe as many as 50, prominent Trump supporters and associates had their homes raided by the Gestapo, aka the FBI.

Hello? Where are the victims’ lawyers, and why aren’t they holding the mother of all press conferences? Where are the government spin doctors? Nobody sayin’ nothin’! Don’t you find that rather sinister? I do!

Well, we’ll see what else comes in today and tomorrow. This is something that has never before happened in America. We really were the Land of the Free.

For now, string those four events together–and maybe throw in the FBI spying on parents who object to Far Left Crazy school board policies–and you have a very nicely fitted picture of a growing tyranny.


9 comments on “It Adds Up to ‘Tyrant’

    1. Is all this stuff supposed to endear them to the voters? Or are they so confident in their ability to cheat, they don’t care what they say or do?

    1. The nooze blackout totally amazes me. The nooze media deliberately pass up a mega-story? Because Job One is always “Help the Democrats.”

  1. The most disturbing thing about all this is that — as you say — they don’t even try to hide their tyrannical intentions any more. Yes, they know they can get away with anything. And they know that you know it. So even if they don’t come after you personally, you don’t dare do anything to cross them or even call their attention to you. And maybe you’ll even help them against other people in the hope that they’ll accept you as one of their faithful followers and leave you alone. This is how tyrannies work, as much by fear of punishment as by the punishment itself.

  2. It is good to see that at least 20 FBI whistleblowers have come forward to members of Congress. Now former Attorney General under Trump, Bill Barr, says Trump to be indicted. How many former members of Trump’s administration have stabbed him in the back? – way too many.

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