Oh, Wow! Dems Oppose Cancer!

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How dare we oppose him!?

SloJo Biden recently took a break from denouncing tens of millions of Americans as “semi-fascists” to celebrate the anniversary of America’s “moon shot” by [trumpet or kazoo fanfare]… curing cancer! (https://www.webmd.com/cancer/news/20220203/biden-cancer-moon-shot-relaunched)

Does he really, in his most addled dreams, not think anyone will see through this?

“A vote against Democrats is a vote for cancer!”

“Anti-Biden means pro-cancer!”

“There’ll never be a cure for cancer unless the Democrats remain in power forever!”

Biden spoke of “re-igniting” the search for a cancer cure (because apparently no one ever works on that unless there’s a Democrat president) with “a fierce sense of urgency.” Gee. More urgent than stamping out MAGA? “Threat to our democracy,” and all that?

President *Batteries Not Included, in 2016, announced an all-out effort to conquer cancer, spearheaded by Vice President SloJo Biden.

We still have cancer.


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    1. King Canute couldn’t do it, either–but he was making a point about his limitations. *Batteries Not Included is unaware of any limitations he might have.

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