‘The Smiling Face of Evil’

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How do you tell the Devil is evil when he doesn’t look evil?

R.J. Rushdoony wrote this essay back in 1986, but it has a very long shelf life.


Bad enough that Satan deceives us; but how many are there who want to be deceived? As Rushdoony put it, “people earn hell.” They work for it, sacrifice for it, they’re always reaching for it. They think it’ll be a God-free zone where they can do anything they want and it’ll all turn out just fine.

I think of the grins on the faces of certain politicians… and then I think I understand precisely what Rushdoony meant.


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  1. Loving good is important, but we also have to be on guard against badness. At one time, I lived near to the home of an organized crime figure. He was in a much nicer neighborhood, but he had to drive right past my house to get to his house. He was always friendly, and waved. I always waved back; no use in antagonizing him, but this friendly guy was alleged to be a major loan shark and was thought to have blood on his hands, although there was never enough evidence to merit a charge. He also was a major donor to churches, orphanages, etc. Badness doesn’t always come with an ID tag. If you had met him on the street, he would have come across as a nice old man.

    Sexual freedom is a huge motivator for people to accept evil. Many people do not want to live a monogamous life, and will not accept any restriction upon their “sexual freedom”. In the decades of the sexual revolution, social conditions have not improved, yet they will not admit that immorality could be a major cause of this.

    So our opposer is like that crime figure; a friendly wave, a welcoming smile, and do as you please. The fact that this course will not lead to good outcomes is never considered. We need Christ’s return.

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