Trying to Catch Up… Again!

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I’m way behind in my work today, the viewership is way down–and the WordPress problem that I had last week, with the comments failing to display… it’s baaaaack!

Man, this is getting old. Welcome to the Age of Nothing Works.

(And suddenly Robbie only wants dry cat food… What’s that about?)

Going about my chores last night, a new character for the book I’m writing, Ozias, Prince in Peril, popped into my head, along with what she’d be doing in the story. I’ve learned that it’s usually a good idea to stop what I’m doing and write it down in case I forget it overnight. Enter Aylen, the old nurse of the late King Flosi, who may have a loose screw somewhere but is otherwise sharp as a tack.

Where do these characters live when they’re not breaking into my plots? It’s so cool, the way that happens. It’s like I knew these people, once upon a time, and now they’re coming back. Do you think that’s weird? Welcome to the world of fantasy-writing.

5 comments on “Trying to Catch Up… Again!

  1. I can imagine the frustration, and pray it will stop. I had a cat that my son got for me from a local shelter. He was a sweet, loving cat, but destructive with his claws, and he only would eat dry cat food, too. I tried everything, fresh fish, canned tuna, part of a burger,… nothing, just a turned up nose and back to the cat food.

  2. About the dry cat food…. Iggy has never liked dry cat food, but lately he seems to like getting a spoonful of it now and then. It seems to provide the roughage he needs when he’s having (ahem) trouble getting food through his thickening intestines. Maybe Robbie senses that she needs something in the dry food that she isn’t getting in the wet food.

    1. Robbie and Peep both had COVID. Peep died from it, Robbie recovered–but I’ve heard COVID messes up your sense of taste. Robbie has gone off a lot of cat foods she used to eat regularly. But now she can get up onto the bed without help, and she’s certainly not acting six. So if she wants the crunchies, she’ll get the crunchies.

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