‘Deplorable People Have Too Many Babies’ (2016)

Graphene Shield Shows Promise in Blocking Mosquito Bites - NIH-funded  project shows graphene could provide alternative to chemicals in insect  repellant and protective clothing.

Mosquitoes suck our blood. Leftids suck away our posterity.

Go ahead, ask any Climbit-Change-spouting liberal–do regular, normal people have too many babies? Betcha you can guess what they’ll say.

Deplorable People Have Too Many Babies!

With the way the Far Left Crazy has been pushing abortion, puberty blockers, transgender surgical mutilation, it’s a wonder we have any babies at all. What are they going to do when there are no more normal people’s children left for them to propagandize and parasitize?

But then most parasites wind up killing the host, don’t they?

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  1. From whom do they propose to extract all that money they crave if they put a stop to population growth and sustainable development ? I wonder if they ever think this through?

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