Why Cover the Nooze At All?

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It’s always a relief to go nooze-free on the weekend; but the question inevitably arises: If it’s such a drag, why cover nooze at all? Well, I have my reasons. Here are some of them.

*The country is not OK and very badly needs help. Millions and millions of people don’t see that. If they did, we wouldn’t be in the shape we’re in.

*Refusing to do things God’s way way leads to nothing but trouble. There’s not one sin I can think of that can’t be avoided by keeping God’s word. Yes, if we could do it on our own, which we can’t, we wouldn’t have needed a Savior. We can’t sanctify ourselves; but we can at least repent our sins and try to do better.

*The people who want us to think they’re smart are really the dumbest dindles in the room and we should never, ever, listen to them. We can only hope some people catch on when elite idiocy is exposed, usually by mockery.

*We need a break so we can stay sane. I do, at least.

*It’s good for us to have fun together! Christian fellowship is good in itself, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to let non-Christians in on it, too. Maybe we’ll discover we can like each other.

5 comments on “Why Cover the Nooze At All?

  1. We educate ourselves so we can educate others. No one can know all that is going on. Lee’s Blog is a great place to find out news you see nowhere else – and with brilliant commentary. How can Christians be the salt and light of society if they are hiding under a church pew – we need to get out there and makes waves of Holy Spirit revelation from God’s Word.

  2. Thank you for doing this kind of posting. You bring to light some things I had no idea were happening. Things we need to know.

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