You Can Be Witty!

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Violet Crepuscular, best-selling romance writer and The Queen of Suspense, is earning a little pocket money by selling a kit “positively guaranteed to make you the king of comedy in your neighborhood!” she declares.

Each Violet’s Witti-Kit includes a big nose with mustache and glasses, a whoopee cushion, one of those things that goes “Bzzzzzt!” when you shake hands, a squirting daisy, a transparent plastic ice cube with a fly in it, and an exclusive four-page pamphlet, “My Favorite Jokes,” by Marvin Fundahl, whoever he was.

The price will make you laugh, too: $24.95 plus postage, handling, and crime suppression. Buy any three chapters of Oy, Rodney and get a 30-cent coupon! (I think it’s for wheat germ.)

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  1. So Violet is selling pre-publication individual chapters now? If someone orders chapters LXX, CCXL, and CDVIII, how will she find them? (Next question: Who would want them?) 🙂 🙂 🙂

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