Cats Raid the Fridge

I am so glad none of my cats ever got into opening the refrigerator. I did once live in a house where the cat opened the fridge every day and pushed food out for the dog. The humans were not amused.

Notice somebody put some little plastic doohickey on their fridge to keep the cat out. Notice it totally didn’t work.

2 comments on “Cats Raid the Fridge

  1. Cats are incredibly clever, and can be very determined. As sweet natured as she is, if my cat wants something, she will find a way to get it. Fortunately, she doesn’t seem all that interested in the fridge, but if she were, I have no doubt that she would master opening it in no time. I keep my credit card numbers and P.I.N.s under strict control, around her. 🙂

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