A Colossal Milestone!

This day in sports: Cal Ripken Jr. hits for the cycle in 1984 | DC News Now

Eat your heart out, Cal Ripken! I’ll show you a streak!

Would you believe it? I have blogged on this site for 3,000 consecutive days! Ai-ya, how did I ever do that? Actually I did it yesterday but didn’t notice till bedtime, and my last look at my stats page.

(Uh, Lee… couldn’t you find anything else to do?)

(Yeah, I could and I do! It’s called working your tuchas off!)

I don’t know what good I’ve done, but I like to think I’ve done some. I pray my work is of use to Christ’s Kingdom.

9 comments on “A Colossal Milestone!

  1. Zowee, Lee! Now let’s go for 4,000! 🤣🤣🤣
    Just joshing. Congratulations, and yes, you’re doing something worthwhile. I’m one of the people whose lives have been enriched by your blog.

  2. Brother Lee, yes, you are doing something worthwhile! There are things I would not have known about, if not for your blog. There are things I have learned from your blog, as I am sure many others have also benefited from your writings. You may be just a voice crying in the wilderness, but it is a voice that is being heard by many. May God bless you with good health, so you may continue your blogs. And wow, 3,000 consecutive days! That must be some kind of record. Congratulations.

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