‘”Change?” What Change? “Action?” What Action?’ (2019)

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The voice of ignorance is always loud.

They promise “hope and change,” and then they dash your hopes and change things for the worse. Always for the worse.

In my lifetime only two things have changed for the better–dentistry and chess notation.

‘Change?’ What Change? ‘Action?’ What Action?

Yes! They’re gonna change human nature, micro-manage nature, let Ol’ Man Climate know who’s boss, and create a paradise on earth. The fact that none of these schemes has ever even kinda-sorta-just-a-little worked doesn’t give them pause. Like, North Korea would be a really nice place if only socialism were tried a little harder. Or if only our own socialists–AOC, Michael Moore, Obama, Kerry, Sanders, etc.–were in charge of it. They’d do it right!

I thought we were all too old to believe in fairy tales.

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  1. With the help of the Liar in Chief, stupid people have been trying to “become god-like” from the beginning. Never worked, never will.

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