LA Times: ‘Climate Change’ Fuels ‘Extremism’

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Don’t let Climate Change do this to you! Vote Democrat!

Libs in big-city California are astounded that “people in rural California dislike and distrust the rest of us” ( And although these peasants–oops! meant “people”– in rural California say it’s Far Left stupid moron policies and holier-than-thou rhetoric and virtue-signalling that turn them off… well, you know how they lie!

“The risk of right-wing violence,” burbles the Los Angeles Times–

Wait. Stop right there. “Right-wing violence?” We should just take that as a given? Well, gosh, there is no left-wing violence! And if there is, it’s totally justified!” Blah-blah. Anyway, “Climate change [another given that we’re supposed to accept without question] is fueling extremism,” declares the noozepaper.

See how far out they are? They literally can’t conceive of their insane and disastrous policies making people angry. Sanctuary cities for illegal aliens, sidewalks full of hypodermic needles and human feces, crime rate though the ceiling, mandate this and mandate that–oh, no, who could possibly object to that?

Must be the global warming sun baking their brains!

This garbage is from a newspaper. The purpose of a newspaper is to provide information. But they don’t know how to do that anymore without warping, suppressing, or magnifying that information to push their Far Left politics. They are incapable of telling the truth. And they don’t know anybody but other stupid leftids. They understand nothing. They see no reason to try.

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