Take That, Heel Spur!

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I have had, for years, a heel spur on my right foot. It hurt a lot at first, then went kind of quiet for a while, but it’s been terribly painful for most of this year. Getting so I could hardly walk.

Yesterday the sun came out for the first time this week; so I decided to sit outside, smoke a cigar… and soak my foot in warm water. I did it for an hour–and was rewarded in a way I never expected.

A great big callus came loose and dropped off my heel spur, leaving it a fraction of the size it was an hour ago. And I’d say about 90% (!) of the pain is gone. My foot no longer hurts when I walk. Calloo, callay, o frabjous day!

I’m not saying this’ll work for everybody–how would I know?–but it certainly worked for me. And if it didn’t work, it still couldn’t do me any harm. At the very least I’d have a clean foot.

I had nothing to lose by doing this; and I gained very much! I’ll tell you if it starts hurting again tomorrow… but so far, so good.

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