Wild Turkey Vs…. The U.S. Mail

If this postmaman ever ventures out of the truck, he’s history. The turkey will see to that.

The nature of the problem seems pretty obvious to me: the turkey needs his own mailbox. Then he wouldn’t have to keep running after the truck and checking all the other mailboxes to see if there’s anything for him.

3 comments on “Wild Turkey Vs…. The U.S. Mail

  1. This turkey has too much time on his hands, I mean claws. He needs to get a job … with the postal service. He probably wouldn’t do worse than some of the postal service we’ve had around here lately.

    By the way, may I have some prayers please? Some ongoing health problems, probably just more elderly things but troubling nonetheless. And no trustworthy doctor to go to, not that doctors can cure old age. (Well, yes they can, but their method is fatal.) (Graveyard humor.) (And too many parentheses.)

  2. Prayers sent, Phoebe.

    Turkeys can be very aggressive. I was chased by some domestic turkeys when I was in my teens, and it was a bit scary. That turkey chasing the mail truck, was definitely putting on a display, with his tail feathers. He wasn’t going to let that truck think it could invade his territory without paying a price. 🙂

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