Let Themb ‘Out’ Of Jale!!!!

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Wow!! On Niew Yeers Day neckst yeer awl soarts of Crimbinuls “wil” be let out of jale!!! This it “is” ether Illanoy or Bangla Desh,, i ferget witch–but “itll” “be” the Frist Stait to doo “awaighy” whith Cash Bale!!!!!! (https://wgnradio.com/news/on-january-1st-2023-illinois-jails-will-turn-many-prisoners-loose/) (I put in this heer Link so’s yiu can sea Its Troo!!!!)

Heer at collidge our Stoodint Soviet we voated to cawl “this” A Good Thing and awl “The” other staits thay shood “doo-it” tooo!!!!!

Hater-biggit Racists thay “Are” saying this it wil ownly Maik the Crime Rait go hyer and hyer butt wayt till thay Fined Out watt its reely foar!!!

Sea, we kneed awl themb jale sells to lock Up “the” Reel Crimbinuls!! For reel Crymes!!! Lyke Climbit Chains De-Nile, and sayying Bad Things abuot being Trans, and tryying to Stop Aboarsion, and Using Rawng Pro-Nowns, reeding that thare Bybul that thayr awlyaws Going On abuot!!!!!!!! And voating foar Repulbicans!!! Not for stopid Little Crymes like two-degree Murdur and Arsin and Armd Robbry and stuph!!!!! Thay ownly camit thoze Crymes “becose Of” Sistembickal Racism and thay got no Munny for Bale!!!!!! And Ritch Wyte Chrischins thay jist “pay” A Little bit “of” Munny and thats Awl!!!!

Oncet the Crimbinuls thay Are “awl Out” of Jale and Crischin Biggits thay Are awl In Jale, Amaricka it wil Becumb “waht It” was awlyaws mennt To Be!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. With all those criminals on the streets, jail may be the safest place after all — except for being beaten up by the woke jailers, as is happening to the Jan 6 prisoners.

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