Anti-Black Terrorist Post Traced… to Black Teenager

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Yes, you can go to the fair without getting massacred.

Someone posted a terrorist threat on social media, aimed at the Lee County Fair in Alabama, threatening a massacre of “Negroes” by “White Power.”

Investigators traced the post back to–you’ve already guessed it–a black teenager in Louisiana ( Police there arrested the 18-year-old on unrelated charges, and he is now waiting to be extradited to Alabama.

So once again it’s a race-baiting hoax, requiring extra security at the fair and using up police time that might have been better utilized. Who can keep count of how many times things like this have happened? Far Left crazies creating “threats” against themselves. And getting caught.

We probably need stronger laws against this, and more impressive penalties.

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  1. But punishing a black hoaxer for making racist comments would be racist. Or something. 🙄

    Sorry I haven’t been around much today. Too many errands, too many annoying glitches to try to unglitch, and too little time to do it all and also clean up the ever-expanding inbox. Where is Hercules when you need him?

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