School Board vs. Angry Parents

Opinion | Angry parents at school board meetings have a right to speak - The Washington Post

“The plebs are getting uppity!”

Dearborn, Michigan, school board president, to angry parents (her audience):

“We will not boo, we will not jeer. You can clap if you like, and you’ll listen to the speaker” (

The parents were there to object to lurid sex books being made available to children via the school libraries. Obviously they did not understand that their role in “education” begins and ends with paying for it. So the board president addressed them like a schoolmarm letting a roomful of dumb kids know who’s boss.

And for some reason that didn’t tone them down, but only made ’em madder! Who would have thought it? So the board called the cops (What? The FBI wasn’t already there, spying on the parents?) and shut the meeting down.

Remember when your local school board was your neighbors and your friends, just trying to do a good job for the community? How long ago was that? What happened to make it stop?

Now they seem to envision themselves as some kind of masters over the rest of us, with an overriding claim to authority over our children. If we don’t like it, they’ll call the FBI and you’ll have them breaking down your door in the middle of the night.

We pay for those schools, every red cent of it. How come we have no ownership rights?

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  1. In Arkansas the parents can see the curriculum being taught to their children. I know of no sexually explicit books in our school libraries. Move to Arkansas and help us make it Christian through and through and a Constitutionally sovereign state!

    1. The sex ed curriculum at one high school where I worked was kept a secret from parents and from substitute teachers. No books could be taken out of the classroom.

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