‘Thou Shalt Not Reward Straight A’s’ (2014)

Watch: TV reporter makes boy cry on first day of school | Metro Video

Keep it up, he’s just about ready to cry!

Y’know somethin’? Our contemporary society resents excellence! Wherever it occurs, someone tries to tear it down.

Like the schools aren’t bad enough with the, er, “reporters” pitching in…

Thou Shalt Not Reward Straight A’s

These walking bits of detritus jam microphones into little kids’ faces and try to make them cry for the camera. You’d think they were personally offended that a school should do anything at all to acknowledge the achievement of students who had straight A’s.

Well, maybe none of them ever got an A and it still bothers them.

8 comments on “‘Thou Shalt Not Reward Straight A’s’ (2014)

    1. Well stated.

      People differ, in their abilities and in how they learn. My opinion is that the education system, itself, is not really geared towards meeting the needs of all personalities and all learning styles. I know that the Public School System wasn’t a good fit for me, but I did a lot better when taking technical training.

    2. I would venture that only about half of the teachers I had actually taught anything at all.

    3. I had many excellent teachers throughout my schooling. I learned something from all of them, sometimes not even realizing how much I’d learned until later.

    4. Maybe I lucked out, but I learned something every year in grade school and high school, even when I already knew a lot of the subject matter ahead of time. (I started reading when I was 3yo, for example, and was reading Shakespeare and Dickens in 1st grade.) Maybe it’s a girl thing. 🙂

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