PA School District Bans Halloween Parades

Slideshow: 2019 Friday Harbor Elementary School Halloween Parade

Our public “educators” have pretty much run out of Christian religious holidays they can ban, so now they’re coming after just-for-fun secular holidays. And it looks like Halloween is at the top of their “things to ban” list.

So the Lower Merion School District, in Pennsylvania, has banned the annual Halloween parades at its six elementary schools ( They cited concerns for “safety”–you can get very badly injured walking around the school!–and “inclusivity” (“Sorry! We can’t let you enjoy this unless 100% of everybody here enjoys it just as much!”).

[Sheesh. We live next door to an elementary school. We love their Halloween parade.]

This is pure crapola.

Crikey, it’s a parade around the school! How many kids have gotten rubbed out doing that?

And “inclusivity” is just Far Left dope-speak. A catch-all.

Lower Merion parents are afraid their school officials are going to catch ban fever and start canceling all the holidays they can think of.

Yo, parents! You saw fit to put your children into the hands of these jidrools! And now you’re paying for it. Pull your kids out of those public schools!

Believe me–their banning holidays is the least thing that you have to fear from them.

Or are you just waiting for your 8-year-old to call you a racist?

2 comments on “PA School District Bans Halloween Parades

  1. “Students of color … don’t celebrate that holiday,” the administration says. That’s funny; I went to grade school in a racially mixed neighborhood, and all the kids celebrated every holiday they could get their hands on, including Halloween. Here’s an idea: if “students of color” feel left out, why not make a point of encouraging them to join in? And there’s no need for expensive or fancy costumes. You can make all kinds of costumes with an old sheet or some construction paper and pipe cleaners, which most schools have on hand.

    One of the parents had a very good point, though, when she asked why “pride” parades weren’t canceled if some people didn’t celebrate “pride.” I wish more parents would take up that point seriously.

    1. Oh, but it’d be HATE not to take part in a “pride” parade! What conceivable right could anybody have not to celebrate sodomy???

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