Coming Soon: ‘Behold!’


Oh! Just in time for Christmas! Behold!–Book No. 14 in my Bell Mountain series.

I should have a contest. Can you identify the little old lady on the cover? If you’re a real Bell Mountain fan, with strong intuitions, you just might be able to do it. Identify the lady and win a pack of plastic army men. (You can’t win the book because they haven’t printed it yet. But that shouldn’t take too long.)

That leaves No. 15, The Ocean of Time, for next Christmas. And meanwhile I’m working hard on Ozias, Prince in Peril… which will break from the story line and carry us back 2,000 years to King Ozias’ time. I pray we’ll all be still here to enjoy it.

Well, the sun is out this morning, so I should be out, too, scrawling away–25 chapters written so far. Will I finish before cold weather shuts me down?

Not entirely up to me, is it?

13 comments on “Coming Soon: ‘Behold!’

  1. It’s a really beautiful cover. I started translating the last chapter of The Cellar Beneath The Cellar, Mr. Lee Duigon.

    1. So nice to hear from you, Katheleen. I haven’t forgotten to send you The Thunder King–just haven’t been able to get to the post office. Guess I’d better get a move on! I want to get it to you in time for Christmas.

    2. It will be an immense joy when I hear the bell ring and receive your book. I didn’t forget to send you the letters, either, and I intend to send them as soon as possible. My parents, my sister and I will travel on December 20th and return at the end of January. If you can send the book as soon as possible, I think it would be better, then we wouldn’t run the risk of the book arriving and we not being home to receive it, and I could even take it with me.

    3. Even though the book hasn’t arrived yet, Mr. Lee Duigon, I already liked it a lot. I never imagined that I would receive a gift from you, and close to Christmas, thank you very much. I love your stories, and this book will be even more special because you’re giving it to me.

  2. I am not yet a “Bell Mountain” series fan. But I did order the first two in the series to read. But that was weeks ago, and sometimes it takes two months or more for the books I order to arrive. You would like Katheleen’s book to arrive in time for Christmas. I would like my books to arrive in time for next year.

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