What? No Far Left Cliches?

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So we’re watching this horror movie, my sister recommended it, and any minute I’m expecting the film to pelt us with the usual Hollywood Far Left cliches. The mother or father or both are cheating on each other. The teenage daughter is pregnant. The old priest is… well, something really nasty.

None of these materialized! You could’ve knocked me over with a feather. Plus the movie offered a few genuine chills… without drenching the screen in gore.

Written and directed by Michael O. Sajbel, Wraith (2017) is a solid haunted house movie–and I dare not say anything to spoil the ending. It manages to avoid everything I don’t like in horror movies, and I’m pretty broad-minded. This one never crosses the line into stupid.

Plus it’s got veteran horror/sci-fi actor Lance Henriksen as the blind priest who sees more clearly than anybody else in the story, and his is a spectacular performance. This from the guy who was a humanoid robot torn in half in Aliens.

Wraith was well worth the time we put into watching it: recommended with a smile.

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