NY Subway Crime–We’re Only Imagining It?

Two men injured in latest attacks on NYC subway trains: cops

Every day–yes, every day–you can read about another luridly violent crime committed in the New York City subway system. Frankly, you’re crazy if you go down there. But a lot of people have to; it’s how they get to work.

Ah! But really, honest, it ain’t so bad! It’s only a “sense of fear” that generates these crime stories. Why, it’s just “an issue of perception.”

So says NY Gov. Kathy Hochul (https://710wor.iheart.com/content/2022-10-25-governor-hochul-subway-crime-is-just-a-sense-of-fear/).

Is Gov. Hokum suggesting that people are making up these stories? That the crimes aren’t really happening?

Meanwhile, the official government figures say crime in New York is up 40% over 2021.

How do these politicians get away with so much lying, so much pandering, so much condescension? They talk to us like they think we’re five years old. How in the world do we wind up getting governed by persons who think so little of us?

Are we truly worthy of that much disrespect?

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  1. They are the ones who act like little kids with demands, tantrums, and all the childish acts. It is really embarrassing to see a group of them acting out.

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