Entire School Board–Out the Door

And it all came out on YouTube…

The dindles on the Oakley, California, Union Elementary School District didn’t know their electronic chin-wag was being publicly livestreamed…so they let their hair down and said what they really thought of the people they’re supposed to represent.

Everybody heard it. Seven thousand citizens signed a petition calling for the whole board to resign.

Which they have (https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-56156795). Adios, muchachos.

Great time while it lasted, though–apart from that little “uh-oh” moment when they discovered they were going public. A million laughs, all at parents’ expense. Yuk-yuk, they want their babysitters back! Hee-hee, they want the kids out of the house so they can take drugs! What a bunch of stupid blankety-blanks! And so on.

We keep tellin’ ya: We are governed by people who hate us. And despise us. Hey, you plebs out there! Shut up and pay your school tax!

We pay for public education, but we don’t own it. Sort of like the way merchants used to pay for pirate ventures. See what happens if you don’t cough up the money.

And then on top of that, they laugh at us.

Please stop sending your kids to public schools. That’ll stop the laughter.

Correction: It turns out this is a 2021 news story. I thought there was something about it that seemed familiar. Oh, well–it still points to a nagging and very serious problem in what is intended to be representative government: they don’t like us.


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