How Good Is This?

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It’s sunny out today, finally, and not too cold. I can get back to my book, with wildflowers, bees, squirrels and birds, for company.

But first I had a hymn request, the fruit of many friendships that have sprung up around this blog. And as I listened to Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross, the thought came to me, “How good is this? Sunshine, work that I delight in doing, hearing from friends, and lamb shanks for supper tonight… What more could I ask for?”

We need such thoughts. And God provides them. The day’s nooze fades into the background: respite. Peace.

In a scene I wrote today, Ozias found himself in a potentially dangerous situation. He comforted himself with this thought: “Trust in God, and take the adventure which has fallen to me.”

Is there any other counsel that we need?

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