Coodies Over the Computer

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You may think the Great COVID Pandemic is over, but ha-hah! on you.

If you’re going to take an online course with Heap Big Medicine Hospital, you will have to be fully masked with at least two face masks before you can log in. Dr. Camillo Corbaccio explains:

“This here it is to stop COVID coodies from spreading all over through the Internet. Your online course is in your online classroom, wherever that happens to be–and you has got to wear a mask when you’re in a classroom!”

Actual diseases spread via the Internet “the same way misinformation does,” cackled the doctor. “If you’re gonna be online, mask up! And don’t think we can’t tell, if you don’t. Ever hear of Zoomies?”

Researchers at Heap Big Medicine, he added, are still working on making it impossible to relay misinformation. “Just killing everyone is kind off the table,” Dr. Corbaccio admits. “But we can’t just allow people to think wrong thoughts.

“You have no right,” he added, “to be wrong!”

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  1. The other day I attempted to contact AOL about some issues with some subscriber addresses not receiving my newsletter. They had four points of contact for “support”: AOL Corporate, Social Support, Live Support (you have to pay to talk to a real person) and Email. Under the selection for email, I kid you not, it said, “Email support is currently unavailable due to COVID-19 health and safety considerations for our employees.” So AOL thinks that you CAN get it over the internet.

  2. There really were some companies that required their employees to wear masks while interacting with each other online through Zoom or Meet. Their rationale — if insanity can be called by that name — was that some people would feel threatened by seeing maskless faces even on a screen.

    “Whom the gods would destroy they first drive mad.”

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