I Ask You, Readers…

What type of bee can't make up its mind? A MayBee by Jessie Bohannon on  Dribbble

I have a yen to post another hymn, Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah–it’s been in my mind all morning.

But I also want to satirize the 2022 World Series before it’s over and forgotten as if it had never occurred at all. That ought to take about two weeks, tops.

In the interests of advancing a democracy that doesn’t exist, I ask for guidance from the readers. Which post would you rather see? (“Ask ’em, just ask ’em!” says Byron the Quokka).

To allow time for the answers to come pouring in, I’ll go outside and have a cigar and read some more of Geoffrey of Monmouth.

2 comments on “I Ask You, Readers…

  1. I’m going to vote against the “Guide Me” song, simply because my partially Jewish background (maternal grandmother) makes me cringe at the use of the “J” word, the holy name that may not be spoken except by the High Priest in the Holy of Holies. But if other people want it, I can just not watch it.

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