‘True the Vote’ Leaders Arrested

Xi Jinping, China's new revolutionary hero | Financial Times

What’s he want with all that personal information about America’s poll watchers?

It’s getting more and more dangerous to oppose the Wokies.

Two leaders of True the Vote have been arrested for not divulging the name of a confidential informant (https://thepostmillennial.com/breaking-true-the-vote-leaders-arrested-after-refusing-to-reveal-confidential-informant) in a lawsuit filed against them by Konnech (“Election software ‘R’ us”).

This after a Konnech executive was busted for storing confidential information about American poll workers… in China! What did the Chicoms want with that information? They couldn’t have been looking to meddle in our 2020 election, could they? I mean, okay, they got the guy they wanted, but there’s nothing wrong here, please disregard the smell of rotting fish…

Anyway, True the Vote isn’t about to give up their confidential informant because they think the Chicoms will have him… well, killed. All their American informants, they say, have paid a high price for talking about Konnech. But the Chinese Communist Party doesn’t stop with doxxing and harassment.

Did anybody mention that the Democrat Party and the CCP are in bed together?

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