World Series Excludes (!) Most of the World!

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They thought they could slip it right past us, didn’t they? Well, it didn’t take us hardly a minute to notice that neither of the teams in this year’s World Series included any black players born in America.

Oh, we know what they say! The World Series comes after a whole regular season and several rounds of playoffs, so that the two most successful teams can square off to see which team is best. Look at Ernie Banks: one of the all-time greats, but he never played in the World Series because his team, the Cubs, stunk on toast. Your team has to be good to make it to the Series.

Pshaw! Fap! Has anybody noticed there are no wimmin on either of those teams? Not even trans-women. No one born in Papua-New Guinea. No one over 60. No one under 16. In fact, virtually the whole world is excluded from the so-called “World” Series!!!

Shouldn’t it be everybody gets to play in the World Series at some point or other? Whether they want to or not! Only by including everyone can it be truly a “World” Series!

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