Got Your Giant Skeleton?

How a 12-foot skeleton became the hottest Halloween decoration around | CNN

This, we are told, was the hottest thing, this Halloween–a 12-foot-high scary skeleton.

One of these costs up to $700, but you can get one for just under $500. Of course, if I ever spent that kind of money on Halloween decorations, I could never respect myself again.

Still, the first one we saw yesterday was an eye-popper. Then it turned out there were half a dozen more on the same street, and more around the corner. So much for novelty. How embarassing!–to spend 700 smackers on one of these things and wind up surrounded by the $499 models that look just like it.

Well, fun’s fun and it’s your money, dude. You could’ve donated it to Democrats. That’d be worse. Three cheers for giant skeletons.

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    1. If Congress had ordered 50,000 of them, procurement and supply would have shipped 500,000 skateboards by mistake.

  1. Where did they get Goliath’s skeleton? Wait, that can’t be his, for he was missing his head after David cut it off.

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