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No Nooze is Good Nooze

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Well, I tried to collect nooze today; but as you can see by the results, there’s not much going. The behind-closed-doors, no formal vote, no Republicans allowed, bogus Democrat pseudo “impeachment” circus is sucking all the oxygen out of the room. Do these slimy partisan hacks really, truly, believe they can actually remove a president by this technique? No defense, no cross-examination: you’d think it was a Canadian “human rights” tribunal.

Americans need to get much madder at all this than they are.

Anyway, the day being drab and rainy, Patty and I went on our annual Halloween tour, cruising all over town to look at people’s Halloween decorations. Harmless fun. My favorite was somebody’s giant ghost in ratty robes with a rotting pumpkin for a head: squirrels had added their own unique touches to it.

I enjoy a scare that turns out to be totally imaginary, nothin’ to it–as opposed to the kind of scares you get in the nooze: stuff that doesn’t just go away. I’ll trade them in for ghosts and goblins any day. The Mummy can’t hurt you, but Democrats can.

So we’re back, we had a nice time, and I’m looking forward to seeing the trick-or-treaters make their rounds on Thursday: always brings back pleasant memories.

Get Your Talking Witch Today!

Halloween Haunters Props & Decorations

Her eyes light up! She makes scary noises! She’ll freak out trick-or-treaters! You’ll have the coolest Halloween decoration on the block.

And best of all, she talks! Just press the magic button, and she’ll say the following:

“It’s my turn!”

“I beat him last time but the Russians stole the election!”

“I’ll get you, you deplorables! Ya-hah-hahaha!”

“Damn that Electoral College!”

“It takes a village!”

“It’s still my turn!”

See grown men flee in terror once they hear that voice! See the grass around her shrivel up and die.

The Super-DeLuxe model also reaches out and picks people’s pockets as they go past, but it’s illegal in Red states.

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