FCC Chief: Ban TikTok

Reacting to Gen Z Communists and Socialists on TikTok - YouTube

Honk if you’re one of the few people who does not know that “TikTok” has direct links to the Chinese Communist Party. It goes like this:

TikTok >> “Byte Dance” >> Chinese Communist Party.


Brendan Carr, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, says TikTok is being used to harvest personal information on users in America–information that’s sent on to the CCP for… well, we don’t know what for. Nothing good, that’s for sure. But the FCC chairman says we have no rules, no mechanism, that can protect “millions” of TikTok users’ personal data. The only protection, he says, is to ban TikTok. “It’s impossible to come up with a sufficient protection” otherwise, he says.

Well! That won’t go down at all with the Biden mob! After all, both the White House and TikTok are subsidiaries of the CCP. The Big Guy (that’s SloJo, in case you missed all those Hunter Biden laptop stories) won’t bite the hand that feeds him.

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  1. How about just advertising the fact that the CCP is collecting people’s private information on TikTok and then letting people decide for themselves whether they, uh, what’s the usual box you have to check on other websites? Oh, yes, “accept the terms and conditions”? Once the communication banning starts, it always seems to metastasize. But I suppose the government and its corporate cronies want to keep the surveillance mechanisms as their own province. Hmmm…. Maybe all the sites that the government-corporate-tech conglomerate uses to collect personal data should be banned too.

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