Escape!… from Shanghai Disney

Disney twenty-three Unlocks the Gates to Shanghai Disney Resort - D23

Dante would definitely have included this in the Inferno, if they’d only had Disney theme parks and resorts in the 14th century.

Chinese authorities recently locked down the Disney Resort in Shanghai because of one COVID case ( People–“guests,” they like to call ’em–were not permitted to leave until they’d tested negative for COVID.

We don’t know how many were stuck there, but we are told they tested 400,000 “guests” before they let them go… many hours later. The “guests” were lucky; it might’ve taken days.

The Chicoms believe they can attain a state of “zero COVID” if they repress their people hard enough. “Obey or die” has always been a persuasive argument. “Zero COVID” is probably impossible; but it’s a great excuse for controlling people’s lives.

Imagine it, though–you’re stranded in Disney World for all eternity. And Xi Jinping owns the place. Wake up screaming…

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