Biden Officials Colluded with Social Media: Lawsuit Ongoing

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Just so we know there are still people out there working to clean up our tainted electoral procedures:

A judge has blocked a move to keep several Biden administration bigwigs from having to testify in a lawsuit filed by the attorney generals of Louisiana and Missouri ( The lawsuit alleges that administration officials colluded with social media honchos to suppress dissent and block news that might have damaged the Democrat Party.

Ya think?

The most glaringly obvious example was the coverup of the Hunter Biden laptop story (“10% for the Big Guy”) shortly before Election Day in 2020. Big wheel Mark Zuckerberg has admitted to being part of this caper.

There is no reasonable doubt that Biden operatives, Democrat nooze media, and corrupt law enforcement personnel messed with that election. The very enormity of the crime was its best protection. Rob a 7-11 and you get nailed. Rob Fort Knox, and the government will claim it never happened.

With the midterm elections just days away now, we really need to clean up the act.

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