‘Memory Lane: A Night at the Drive-in’ (2016)

Once upon a time, Spartan warriors had to listen to this song before they went to battle.

Dagnabbit, I miss the drive-in! What could be better than packing a cooler full of snacks and going to the drive-in… to revel in Godzilla  vs. Giant Panty-Liner Bugs from Orion, or something equally edifying?

Memory Lane: A Night at the Drive-In

But around here, all our drive-ins are long since gone. The only sign they ever existed is the wasteland where the Amboys Drive-In used to be, on the bank of the Raritan River. There they tore down the drive-in and the indoor theater and never put anything in its place.

Just once more… just one more time…

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  1. In 1972 I took my girlfriend to the drive-in to see “Night of the Lepus” an American science fiction horror film. Boy was I upset, for I thought Lepus was some kind of monster, but it turned out, the “monsters” were just an infestation of mutated rabbits.

    What is interesting, is in the first installment of The Matrix film series, in one short scene there is a TV playing in the background, and guess what film is playing, “Night of the Lepus.”

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