Comment Contest Reminder

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There are fewer than 400 comments left to go before we have a comment contest winner!

Wouldn’t you love to tell your friends and neighbors, not to mention your whole extended family, “I won one of Lee’s comment contests!”? Think of all the times you could tell your grandchildren about it. Or buttonhole passersby on the sidewalk, and tell them. And then there is the spectacular prize that’ll go to the winner! (No, it’s not a one-way ticket to Kong’s Island. Whatever gave you that idea?)

Comment as often as you like! Someone’s bound to win!

(Yeesh, can you imagine Tolkien doing this? I can’t.)

2 comments on “Comment Contest Reminder

  1. Sorry brother, I just can’t think of telling this to anyone….that I won one of Lee’s comment contests…ha, ha, ha… now, if the grand prize was $10,000,000…well now, that would be a different story.

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