Cats Were Not Put Here to Obey You

They tell us it’s time for this cat to go back indoors–well, he doesn’t want to go, and good luck trying to make him. He does back it up with verbal objections, but I don’t speak Cattish.

4 comments on “Cats Were Not Put Here to Obey You

  1. Boy, does that scene seem familiar. After 4 + years of training, I’ve gotten my cat to come when I call her, and she complies 100%, which is to say that 100% of the time that she happens to feel like coming when I call, she’ll trot right over. If she doesn’t happen to feel like coming, that’s another matter. 🙂

  2. yes that is cats for you. that is until they are hurt or badly frightened. then, they come crying “mama, mama”

  3. I like the video.

    Now, some good news. I ordered the first two books in your Bell Mountain series (and Rushdoony’s “Chariots of Prophetic Fire” & “The Nature of the American System”) by priority mail, UPS on September 22nd. They just arrived today, November 11, with some postage due. The shipping cost more than the books!

    They are good-looking, quality books with appealing cover art, a fine choice of color for the pages, and agreeable font and formatting. I am going to start reading today.

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