Holy Cow, What a Question!

Everything Eric Swalwell Said During the Democratic Debate in Miami | NBC  New York - YouTube

Known nincompoop Eric Swalwell, Democrat Congressman from California, says allowing parental involvement in “education” is as silly as asking hospital patients to perform their own surgeries (https://justthenews.com/government/congress/dem-rep-says-parent-oversight-education-putting-patients-charge-their-own).

And then he stepped on a rake.

“When did we stop trusting experts?” he asked.

Uh… when we saw and heard what they were doing?

“Education experts”–hot dog! Let’s see… what sort of goodies do those experts serve up to our children?

Critical Race Theory, frantic promotion of “transgender,” homosexual porn in the school libraries, “history” lessons that paint our country out as some kind of Evil Empire, feverish sermons on Climate Change, the whole curriculum soaked and steeped in socialism–yeah, that’s what we’re getting from those “experts.”

The only mystery here is why anybody lets their children stay in public schools.

“Fools!” said I, “you do not know/ hubris like a cancer grows.

You think you’ve got it all wrapped up, you’ve put the poison in our cup,

But someday you’ll simply go too far, it leaves a scar–

and you will drown… in hubris.

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  1. Many parents do not trust the schools, but they have believed for so long that they have to trust the “experts,” that they can’t even imagine themselves teaching their children (although their children have been learning from them since birth). Fortunately, the number of homeschoolers is growing, but not nearly as fast as it should. Many American children are being lost to progressivism through the system.

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