Norbert Just Being Norbert

It’s been a while since we’ve had any Norbert footage here. I admit it: I’m a Norbert nut. But that’s okay, I’ve got a lot of company. Millions!

The Net has spread a lot of bad things over the world. But it can also spread good, wholesome, spiritually nourishing things; and Norbert the therapy dog is one of them.

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  1. I have to get one of those. In fact, a bunch of therapy dogs would be better. For a few, not so good things came to light today, and within the last few months.

    I just came to accept the fact, that the hundreds of books in my library, in all probability, will never be passed down to my son or anyone else. One reason, due to the fact, the heat and humidity here, takes a huge toll on the condition of any book. And in a short time, the whole book gets brittle and falls apart, something like dry rot in wood. And that is happening with all my books.

    My nice green hardbound Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, with the Greek and Hebrew dictionaries I bought in 1973, its cover split in half, and I had to sew it back together (yeah, I know, they are online, but I love using real books).

    And one other problem I just found out today, which caused the loss of three books and damaged a bunch of others, small ants which tunnel into wood and books. But hey, how can I find fault with them, they need somewhere to live, raise families, and build their homes, but I just pray it would not be in my wooden shelves or books.

    Yeah, and right after I found the damage done to my books, I got the news that it is going to cost a bunch, to fix my van. Oh, plus, I no longer have any health insurance, so my next operation, which will be soon, will all be paid out of my pocket.

    One other “slight” problem, I don’t know if I have mentioned before, we found out a few months ago, my son Samual has the same heart problems which his mother had, which took her life.

    So, a therapy dog might be nice, but prayer would be a lot better.

    1. Mike, I pray for you daily. I know the mountain problem. I’m having one myself. God bless you.

      And Lee, this may be a good time for a reprise of “The Old Rugged Cross.” (Yes, if we cling to that old rugged cross, we’ll exchange it some day for a crown.)

  2. Thank you for your prayers. Have you heard Marty Robbins sing “You Gave Me a Mountain”? Well, I’m starting to think God gave me a mountain, maybe not the height of Everest, but a smaller, shorter brother to Mt. Everest.

    But then, I think about people who lose everything in a house fire, or a landslide, like what happened to some here in the Philippines a week ago, and were left with nothing but the clothes on their backs, and their whole family is now gone. Many others go through so much more…

    1. Not that it’s a great big deal, but you’ve just won the comment contest. More on that a little later.
      You continue in our prayers.

      So many of us seem to be hurting, this year…

  3. Thank you for your prayers, Phoebe. Now, it is time for a song to sing.

    The song “Jesus Loves Me” is familiar to most people. Here are the lyrics for older saints to sing it. And yes, I still sing that familiar old song, but with these lyrics.

    JESUS LOVES ME (older saints lyrics)

    Jesus loves me, this I know,
    Though my hair is white as snow.
    Though my sight is growing dim,
    Still, He bids me trust in Him.


    Though my steps are oh, so slow,
    With my hand in His, I’ll go
    On through life, let come what may,
    He’ll be there to lead the way.


    Though I am no longer young,
    I have much which He’s begun.
    Let me serve Christ with a smile,
    Go with others the extra mile.


    When the nights are dark and long,
    In my heart, He puts a song.
    Telling me in words so clear,
    “Have no fear, for I am near.”


    When my work on earth is done,
    And life’s victories have been won.
    He will take me home above,
    Then I’ll understand His love


    I love Jesus, does He know?
    Have I ever told Him so?
    Jesus loves to hear me say,
    That I love Him every day.



    And yes, it is also a good time for a reprise of “The Old Rugged Cross.”

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