Follow the Bouncing Lamb

Hollywood legend Eve Arden had a pet sheep in her house, but her maid laid down an ultimatum: “Either he goes or I go.”

This little lamb, Winter, is a house-lamb. He became a YouTube star a while ago–easy to see why. He’s older now, and getting to be more of a ram than a lamb, but still playful and affectionate. The bed won’t take much more of his bouncing on it, though.

5 comments on “Follow the Bouncing Lamb

  1. I can’t imagine having a lamb, goat, or anything wilder than cats and dogs. These are messy enough. I don’t enjoy house cleaning that much, especially in my old age condition. They are cute, yes, but outside.

    1. How do you potty-train an iguana? And do you use newspaper or a litter tray, or what?

    2. I didn’t have to–he potty-trained himself. If he had to go, he returned to his cage and pooped there. Remarkable! You’d think arboreal animals would just poop wherever, like birds do. But very early in life my iguana stopped doing that. He was really a most fastidious little character.

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