Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving!

One of our household customs, on Thanksgiving Day, is to watch this gloriously silly movie while the turkey’s cooking in the oven–Godzilla vs. Megalon. The big robot is Godzilla’s tag-team partner against Megalon and Co. It had the rare ability to increase its size tenfold. Ain’t technology wonderful? “Ah! He programmed himself to do that,” says the robot’s inventor. It came as a surprise to him.

On Thanksgiving Day we set our cares aside and praise the Lord our God, who shoulders them Himself. We used to have these huge family dinners for Thanksgiving, but everyone has either died or moved quite far away. We give God thanks for all those memories.

I’ll be here on this blog tomorrow. I hope most of you can find a few minutes to drop in and share this holiday with us.

Complete with monster movie.

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