Weird! Biden’s Rented Cars… Explode

A tow truck pulls away one of the vehicles rented by the Secret Service to protect President Biden in Nantucket.

Your tax dollars at work

How weird is this?

The Biden family rents five cars–all from Hertz, but all different models–for its posh Thanksgiving vacation on Nantucket, parks ’em in the airport parking lot… and ka-boom! They all go up in smoke and flame. All at the same time (

The White House says the cause of the explosions is unknown.

I’m assuming–sources don’t say, so I have no evidence for this–that all five were electric cars. Hmmm… Haven’t we heard that the batteries in electric cars, in addition to being insanely expensive, can also be, well, dangerous? Prone to explode suddenly, for instance.

Did someone arrange for those cars to blow up? Just askin’.

Meanwhile, electric scooters have been exploding and bursting into flames all over the world ( The cause of those explosions is believed to involve lithium-ion batteries made in China.

Maybe it was a bolt from Above.

Editor’s Note: See? We’ve been here before, with the exploding hoverboards ( Lithium batteries turned out to be the culprit. Just like the batteries in electric cars. P.S.–And don’t forget those mysteriously exploding U.S. Mail trucks from a few years ago.

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    1. I had to look that up – mysteriously exploding U.S. Mail trucks (about 407 at last count). I did not know about that. Some information just doesn’t seem to be reported here.

    2. I can’t recall seeing any explanation for it.
      You can find an exciting video about an exploding mail truck on youtube, “The Frey Life.”

  1. As I understand it, there are multi-level and underground parkades that do not allow EVs to park in them, because of the risk of fire. These are fires that cannot be put out by normal means. There are special blankets available specifically for putting out EV fires.

  2. absolutely must get one more of those exploding electric cars!!!!! my insurance company said I can’t park it in the garage, due to risk of fire. wow. sure am glad I spent 90,000 on this. and to think of all the hours I spent at the side of the road waiting for my turn at the charging station!!! time well spent. I am in with the “in” crowd at last………

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