Does Pepto-Bismol Kill COVID???

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I don’t have the science background to evaluate this report, but some of you do [paging Heidi!].

Does ordinary Pepto-Bismol, like you can find on the shelves or your local supermarket or drug store, cure COVID? A 2021 study seems to suggest that it does (

A few of you out there are medical professionals. What do you think of this?

Of course I want it to be true! It’d make Fumblin’ Fauci look a right jackass, wouldn’t it? And maybe it could save a couple million lives. Maybe even expose some arch-villains who need to be exposed… and punished.

But I’m not qualified to voice an opinion on the merits of this study.


2 comments on “Does Pepto-Bismol Kill COVID???

  1. Better not spread the word, or Pepto-Bismol will be pulled from all the shelves the same way Quercetin was, or even banned the way Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine were. The Public Health deities will tolerate no interference with their rule.

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