‘”No Gender December” Looks Innocent, But Isn’t’ (2014)

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She wanted to play “Maverick,” so she played “Maverick”–no big deal!

Eight years go by, and we’re still being clouted over the head by “transgender.” Even Christmas isn’t safe anymore.

‘No Gender December’ Looks Innocent, but Isn’t

Why do leftids object so strenuously to the existence of men and women, male and female? Why does that have them chewing the rug?

Had my sister, as a little girl, wanted a toy truck for Christmas, she surely would have been given one. She preferred stuffed animals and cowboy items. No one forced her into any kind of stereotype. And those were the 1950s and the early 60s!

In so very many ways, the times were better.

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  1. I had a wonderful dump truck when I was a little girl, and also a collection of dolls. I liked playing with building kits and model trains, and I also liked playing house. Big deal.

    What’s going on today with the “trans” ideology (and started with the pro-homosexual movement) serves several of Satan’s purposes. Among other things, it promotes sexual sin; it denies truth and destroys the sense of reality; and it sterilizes entire generations of young people.

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