What a Rotten Evening

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We were just about to sit down to dinner last evening when Robbie gave a loud cry, wobbled a few steps, and then fell over. Rush visit to the emergency vet!

To get there I had to drive the old Lincoln Highway in the dark of night. I find it VERY had to see when all the cars in the oncoming waterfall of traffic have their high-beams on. Of course the animal hospital is on the other side of the road, so I can’t see it. If I try to slow down for a better look, someone will be up my tailpipe. “We are going to get killed,” I thought. And meanwhile I can’t find this place.

I had to travel almost to Rahway before I could find a chance to get onto the other side of the road and start my search over. I prayed hard… and in another two minutes or so, there it was.

By now Robbie had pretty much recovered and the doctor couldn’t find anything visibly wrong with her. So tomorrow it’s back to her regular doctor whom she only saw last week. Her blood work etc. was okay then, nothing wrong. But cats aren’t supposed to fall over when they walk. Maybe it’s an inner ear infection: I don’t think anybody checked for that.

Coming home was easier because I was able to get off the highway and go the back way. I do not understand why everybody is driving these crowded, busy roads with their high-beams on. I find it rather nerve-wracking to be unable to see while I drive.

Supper was two hours late. Robbie seems all right now. But it’s back to her regular vet tomorrow to make sure.

We’ll go during the daytime.

7 comments on “What a Rotten Evening

  1. Oh, how frightening all around! Robbie, blind driving, racing against time … thanks be to God that both you and Robbie came through it all okay. Do let us know what Robbie’s regular vet has to say.

  2. Oh, boy, do I know what you are saying about driving in the dark and facing all those high beams. One time when I was returning from taking my late husband to hospital in the town 98 miles away. The trip home was sheer agony. I was passed on the highway by several angry drivers because they thought I was driving too slow. sheesh! Prayers for tomorrow.

  3. Pets work their way into our hearts, and in some cases become almost as precious as our children. They fill a need many have, and at times when sick, can cause heartache and grief. Many understand your concerns and we are praying for Robbie. Because we are children of the King, everything that impacts our life is also of concern for our Lord, and He will hear our requests and prayers.

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