‘You’re Still a Racist’ (2016)

Fake churches with counterfeit christs–well, the real Jesus Christ warned us that was coming, didn’t He?  So we mustn’t be surprised when we get garbage like this from phony-baloney plastic churches.

‘You’re Still a Racist’

Don’t expect liberals to ease up on the race-baiting just because it’s Christmas.

Yo, chuckles! How’s about you listen for a change? That loud stomping sound you hear is sane people high-tailing it our of your denomination.

8 comments on “‘You’re Still a Racist’ (2016)

  1. Micro aggressions. What a concept. I’ve had friends of virtually every ethnicity imaginable, and that dates back to early in my life. I endeavor to treat everyone with respect and to treat them as I would want to be treated. That’s the best anyone can do.

    1. Oh, no, comrade, you’re wrong! The best anyone can do is apologize for things he didn’t do! This is what makes leftism so irresistible.

    2. It would seem that many people think that racial hatred was ubiquitous in the past. When I was in grade school, and we were told about segregation in the Deep South, we (I and my fellow students) were universally appalled. None of us had any sympathy for slavery, and Lincoln was considered the greatest president, because he worked to end that despicable practice. I never saw segregation, first hand, and never heard of racial tension in my home town. There was a black student in my Junior High School and who was very popular. We used to have parties at his house, because they had lots of space, and everybody got along, just fine.

      And no one blamed us for things that had happened nearly 100 years before we were born.

    3. I have a habit of never feeling guilt over something I didn’t do. Most of my family didn’t arrive on these shores until the late 19th century.

    4. Ours got here just in time to get drafted into the Union army and get shot in the head at Chancellorsville–which kept him out of Gettysburg, in which battle his whole unit was wiped out.

      He had not yet learned any English.

    5. Wow! Now that’s a Civil War story. I have a small strain of ancestors whom date back to the Mayflower, but if you calculate at a rate of 30 years per generation, that is at least 11 generations before I was born, meaning that 1/2048 of my lineage is from the Plymouth Colony. Far more significant is the Scandinavian, Scottish and Asian ancestry, which pretty much all happened in the 1880s, or later.

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