Yes, I’m Back

robbie picture

Two and a half hours at the vet’s this morning, first thing. That’s where I’ve been.

The bad news is, Robbie has a number of serious health problems all laying siege to her at once. Her whole life has been one damned thing after another. The good news is, she’s fought them off, year after year, and is still here.

Rather than put her through all kinds of major treatments, when she doesn’t seem to be particularly uncomfortable, we’re just going to rely on prayer and care. At her age (almost 17) she doesn’t need invasive tests and surgeries. Let her nap under the Christmas tree, when we put it up.

I wouldn’t have gone through all this trouble, these past three days; only when someone in your family suddenly keels over, you’re supposed to do something about it.

Anyway, she’s back where she belongs.

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  1. Poor little Robbie. But thanks be to God that she has a loving family. She’s in my prayers daily with you and Patty.

    1. Thanks, Phoebe. This poor cat, throughout her life, has had everything thrown at her but the kitchen sink. But she’s still here–thank you, Lord.

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