Bell Mountain Illustrations, No. 2


Here are Jack and Ellayne with their donkey, Ham, meeting Obst, the hermit of Lintum Forest. I love these pictures by Katheleen and Kerolyn, our girls from Brazil… and I wonder if we could ever get them into the book someday. But first we’d have to sell out the current edition of Bell Mountain!

I don’t have much to show in the way of sales; but I do have gifted young readers who’ve done honor to my work. I’ll try to live up to it.

8 comments on “Bell Mountain Illustrations, No. 2

  1. Mr. Lee Duigon, I love the way you write. When I try to write my little stories, your writing teaches me.

    1. I wanted to show you my stories, Mr. Lee Duigon, but first I would have to rewrite them in English (and that would take a while).

    2. Before you go to a lot of trouble, I have to tell you that I don’t have much spare time or energy. I’m trying to finish writing , and it’s really hard for me. So I could read one or two short stories, but that would be about it.

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