Our Weather Is Not PDGAA

Bad road conditions: snow, ice and mud on a country road ...

At the start of the week it was brutally cold. Then the temperature shot up to near 70 and it rained a lot. Now the temperature is plummeting again, the sky looks like cement, and supposedly we’re gonna get snow tomorrow night… probably followed by rain, for a typical New Jersey slush-and-mud fest. As my wife says, “If you can live in New Jersey, you can live anywhere.”

You may have noticed I have not weighed in on the Speaker of the House brouhaha. I’ll give you an opinion if you ask me for it, but on the whole, probably nobody needs me to report on this exhaustively-covered story. You’d think nothing else was happening.

So… no nooze if I can help it. I stand ready to post your hymn and prayer requests, and if I see a good laugh trying to sneak past, I’ll pounce on it.

Let’s see what happens while I’m having my cigar.

P.S.–I was taking it for granted that everybody knows what “PDGAA” (or “pdgaa”) means. Maybe I can use it as click bait.

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