‘Aargh! It’s Gonna Snow! Oh, Nooooo!’ (2015)

Coronavirus in US pictures: Low traffic, empty grocery store shelves

You don’t need COVID panic to empty the shelves. Snow panic will do it, too!

It’s a cold, sunny day this morning, not a cloud in the sky; but the National Weather Service predicts “a chance of snow” tonight.

And as usual, it’ll cause a panic.

Aargh! It’s Gonna Snow! Oh, Nooooo!

Monday is our normal grocery-shopping day. It really would be too bad if there were no more toilet paper on the shelves. Silly people in New Jersey think they’re going to be snowed in for weeks at a time–something that has never happened here, ever, and probably never will.

I’d like to know why people panic so easily. Was it always so?

4 comments on “‘Aargh! It’s Gonna Snow! Oh, Nooooo!’ (2015)

  1. Some people panic because it adds excitement to their lives and also makes them feel important, in that they’re taking part in something important. I’m serious about this.

    1. I think you are dead on the money with this. Add in the effect of the media, whom exaggerate everything, and you have the makings of mass panic.

    2. We saw that with the Lockdowns–for a lot of people, that was the most exciting and important thing that had ever happened in their lives–and they wanted to suck all the juice out of it.

    3. Many of them still are. I see people with masks, to this day. I suspect that this somehow brings meaning to their otherwise empty lives.

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