A Night in Davos with a Floozy: $2,500

The Sensuous Dirty Old Man: Isaac Asimov: 9780451071996: Amazon.com: Books

Memories being what they are in this crowd, an instruction manual will come in handy.

Sorry, but I refuse to use the term “sex worker.” If you can’t figure out why, you’re not very good at figuring.

Anyway, the Masters of the World are descending on Davos, Switzerland, for their annual wingding, they’ve already landed some 1,700 private jets (“carbon footprint,” anyone?)–and right behind them are the prostitutes… drawn to these rich old commies like flies to road kill (https://nypost.com/2023/01/18/prostitutes-charge-davos-attendees-2500-a-night/).

The going rate, we hear, is $2,500 a night. If you think that’s way too expensive, try to imagine being up close and personal with John Kerry. It’ll make your flesh crawl in a vain effort to escape.

Once again the message is, “You’re all gonna die from Climate Change unless you give us all your money and total power over your lives!” Honk if you would like Al Gore to have total power over your life. Honk twice if you believe in Man-Made Climate Change That Can Be Controlled By An All-Powerful Government–then trade in your brain for a lump of Silly Putty, it’ll work better.

Is there a Yelp page with customer reviews? Do me a favor and don’t let me see it.

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  1. A person only has one set of morals. If a person is consorting with such persons, that tells me plenty about their moral character.

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