Cats and Catnip

My father used to say he didn’t like cats. Our cat, Henry–who was really very choosy about people–didn’t believe him.

I was surprised when I gave Henry some catnip and my father objected. He’d never seen a cat perform such antics; and I think Henry got under his skin, sitting on his lap and purring. He didn’t do that for everybody.

2 comments on “Cats and Catnip

  1. None of my cats has ever done well with catnip, either getting so high that they freaked out (Stoop and Pooh), or almost choking themselves by trying to ram a catnip mouse down their throats (Iggy). I didn’t give any to CoCo (cat before Iggy) because I was so wary of it after Pooh’s bad reaction. I finally decided to try again with Iggy, but again there was a dangerous reaction.

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